My French Teacher


I am 28 years old, I come from Brittany in France and I am also a French teacher at

My Language Teacher. I speak English, German, Italian and Spanish. I enjoy sports, nature, travelling, music, wine, and being with friends.

I have a masters degree in French as a Foreign Language and have gained experience in a number of countries including Austria, Spain and Italy. I am also an examiner-scorer for the DELF and an evaluator for the TEF.

My French classes

I love getting students to participate and talk as much as possible, facilitating a discussion and exploring a variety of themes. My aim is to enable students to express themselves and communicate with greater ease.

I pay attention to the needs of my students and offer content that is as personalised as possible to meet their goals.

I am a specialist in evaluation and I prepare my students for French qualifications such as the DELF, TCF or TEF.